It started with the idea of using the energy produced by vehicles to capture pollution on prime roadways. The inventor of GoRolloe came up with the concept while cycling through the streets of London and being exposed to gases and particulate matter.

The product is currently undergoing engineering development and testing. We to pilot launch with local authorities and private bike rental schemes by fall 2021 and be commercial by spring 2022. We plan on rolling out to consumers shortly after, so stay tuned!

We are currently set up at London South Bank University conducting prototyping and testing using their workshops and 3D printers. We are also now working with post doc fellows at Imperial College to conduct airflow testing and life cycle assessments. We are part of the Sustainable Innovation Accelerator, a clean tech programme from Southbank Innovation, match funded by the ERDF, which aids in the research and testing of filtration media as well as airflow analysis. We are also part of LBS Launchpad, Better Futures Plus (GLA), and Clean+Cool (Innovate UK) which support us in business and engineering development. In addition, we receive in-kind suppport from The Imagination Factory, Design Innovation in Plastics, The Worshipful Company of Horners, the City of Belfast, and The Greater London Authority.

We welcome partnerships with academic institutions so please contact us with inquiries.

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Here are some answers to the most popular questions we get asked. Feel free to email us with any other questions or suggestions!

Will it slow me down?? Increase drag?

We are conducting computational fluids dynamics (CFD) testing to establish the exact drag, so will have data for you soon. In the meantime, I can tell you that I ride the prototype around on my Specialized road bike and it makes no difference at all. If anything, the doughnut I ate this morning will have a greater impact on my speed.

What pollutants are you catching?

We are mostly focused on catching particulate matter (PM2.5 - PM10) as they are the most harmful for us humans! Depending on which filter media we use, we will also aim to trap noxious gases as well such as NOx and VOCS.

Why don't you just plant trees??

Trees are great and we encourage planting more, however it is tough to plant trees in congested areas of city centers where pollution is abundant. We can't all live right in the middle of a massive park like Hyde Park (London)! Air pollution is such a big problem that planting trees alone can't fix it!

Will it really make a difference?

At the moment our impact is estimations are based on standard calculations. We are working with academic institutions to conduct simulated and lab airflow testing and analyse how much pollution gets captured and will publish the reports once they are externally validated. That being said, GoRolloe can't fix air pollution by itself. In order to make a drastic change, we need a collective effort from reduction of emissions, pollution capturing innovations, and adding more nature inside our cities. Every little bit counts.

What happens to the filters?

We are currently investigating and testing filters so it will depend on which option we go for. Please contact us if you are working on a sustainable innovation in the filtration sector.

Is this expensive?

We are doing all we can to get the manufacturing costs down to make it affordable for you. All I can say is it is very reasonably priced and affordable for most buyers.

Can I buy it?

Sorry not is still in development and we need some time to optimize the design, the filtration, make sure it passes standards, and get distribution set up. We hope to have it commercially available by mid 2022. Enter your email in the subscription link below or follow us on social media to get updates.

Do you give back?

Not yet as we are pre-revenue, however as soon as we start making profit we will invest a portion to give back. This may come as product donation, giving away bikes to those in need, or monetary donations. In addition, it is our personal mission to introduce science, tech, and engineering to minority students who may not have much exposure to those subjects and support their academic development.

I have an awesome idea...where do I start?

First of all congrats. Next, validate it with your honest it really a good idea? Then, build a CHEAP first few prototypes were made during lockdown using cardboard and the neighbour's fan. Then, if it works, look for free help from your school/university, or programmes that are set up to help you such as free accelerators (for this you may need to be incorporated). Lastly, if you really believe in your idea, set yourself up to not have many expenses so you can devote the little amount of money you have to your idea baby! The road to entrepreneurship is not a smooth and pretty one so you will need to skip fancy dinners for a while until you make profit! Good luck :).

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