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Meet the team

Our team is made up of engineers and scientist with support from business mentors.
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Kristen Tapping
Founder & Director
Industrial designer experienced in the automotive interior sector and with a track record of having won or placed in 15 international design competitions. In addition to running GoRolloe, Kristen is an Associate Lecturer at London South Bank University (LSBU) in design engineering and CAD software for rail engineering.
Barney Townsend
Lead Design Engineer
Barney has extensive experience in engineering design, prototyping, and manufacturing techniques. In addition to working at GoRolloe, Barney is the Deputy head of Mechanical Engineering and Design division at LSBU and is leading Aim93, the project to build the fastest human powered bicycle in the world.
Jack Theobald
Prototyping Engineer
Jack is skilled and passionate about prototype through wood, metal, and plastic. In addition to building prototypes for GoRolloe, he is a workshop technician at LSBU and creates furniture and artwork for private customers.
Dr. Philip Howes
Research Scientist
Dr Philip Howes is a Research Scientist specialising in nanoparticles, with applications in the healthcare and energysectors. Following his PhD in materials chemistry from King’s College London, he undertook postdoctoral research at Imperial College London and ETH Zurich before joining LSBU in 2021, where he now assumes the position of Senior Lecturer.
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